Why is only one persons name 'white' when others arent?:


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In the 'Members Online Now' module, there is one person who's name comes up as white while the others are as they should be, blue (#60a7ec). I need to know why this one persons name is the only one that comes up as 'white'? Any help would would be greatly appreciated. Seems like my site is being haunted as I cannot figure out why her name is not like the others...



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the colour of the markup changes whenever a user hides their online status. They are probably and looks to me they're in invisible mode.


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Ahah! She was asking how to now show her profile to just 'anyone'. So, those who see it - she is allowing and it just happens to be white and those whom shes not allowing just doesn't see her name at all then?

And if 'so', then how does one hide their online status??? Thanks in advance ;-)