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Why do insert Image & Link dialog take so long time to display?


Formerly Dinh Thanh
When I click on Insert/Edit Link or Image, it's take time (or long time) to display the dialog?
Why does it take so long time to display? Is it need to download from the server? Can we make it display more faster?


Well-known member
How long does it take you to open the dialogue? I assume it takes a moment to fetch the information from the server (y)


Well-known member
Why do it need to fetch info from server? What info it need?
Seeing as how it's automatically parsing the image or video, I'm assuming the dialogue is just grabbing the necessary code to immediately do so. Again, these are assumptions as I don't have my XF up to test this theory.


Well-known member
I wouldn't make any changes to your code until the theory has been tested ;)
Try it on a local installation with debug enabled in case you screw some things up. Then, if you manage to speed it up, let us know! :)