XF 2.2 Why can't I see the user's deleted threads from profile link?


I am admin. I open user profile, link like here https://www.domain.com/members/user.1234/#recent-content

I can't see deleted threads and messages :(
Is it really possible to bring them back?
I'm used this many years on Vbulletin.


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Are you also a moderator? You must also assign yourself as moderator to see things such as this.

Under the Forum Moderator Permissions you'll see where it says "view deleted threads or posts" That must be set to yes.

Tracy Perry

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Common misconception.. being an Admin doesn't mean you have ALL privileges. You also have to listed as a moderator for certain functions. This allows the separation of duties that some need, as moderators have NO business in the ACP area typically, and frequently you wouldn't want your technical site admin to have moderation privileges, only ACP access.