why are "Suggestion Forums" public ?


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How would non-license holders make suggestions?

Until XenForo was made available for sale for the first time, no-one was a customer so no suggestions would have been made if this was the case.


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well, I just think that "XF-competitors" or the "general public" do not need to see "Suggestions"......
I make suggestions for sites and software that I don't own all the time. Having it be public allows users who consistently utilize the software to come in and make suggestions. Making it private doesn't mean a competitor won't see it, so that's a moot point to hide them. I wouldn't be surprised if all of XenForo competitors own a license to XenForo. If only to write importers or such for it.

Also, why would you want to cut the general public from viewing suggestions for a software? If I'm a prospective buyer, things like suggestions help me gauge what is available, what isn't, what others want, etc.


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That and it stops 1000 people from making the same suggestion 1000 times. Theoretically.
Closing the forum to be licensed users only doesn't mean the same suggestion wouldn't be posted multiple times. It just narrows down who isn't using search or reading the threads to only licensed.