Who needs Miley Cyrus? Thank you, Yamaha/CFM!

Luke F

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Just gotta love Hatsune Miku (and the rest of the Vocaloids of course :p) - can't wait for the upcoming English version. :)

And even without proper English syllables it does a pretty good job as it is:



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Ah the wonders of technology !! :eek:
There is "S1m0ne" [2002] movie with Al Pacino depicting an artificial hottie singer performing in front of a big crowd. Well it's reality now. Amazing huh?

Here is another take. A singing and dancing Japanese mechanical girl.



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So this is artificial Shakira then ?

The Japanese have invented robots to replace human wives too !!

I guess the girls will have the option to order their favorite Hollywood hunk too !!

Ah the wonders of technology !! :eek:
Sorry Ladies the Jethro model is still in development following some issues with the drinking function. Anyone know how the hell we get shoes on the Kier model, and could someone get the Brogan model back from the pub .... again!


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I'm going to get me a few good looking women robots to post on my forums Jethro, you can tell your wife the same story !!
There are already super hot dolls available for pleasure, not yet motorized though. I have no doubt one day robotic dolls will become reality. These ladies already have real usable... you know yourselves what. :oops:

Gosh, I'd better shut up before Peggy goes into "delete" mode. :D

doll6.jpg doll5.jpg doll4.jpg doll3.jpg doll2.jpg doll1.jpg