Who are fans/admirers of Valter's (Cybernetec) in here?


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Hello dear people, I have a question now; Who are fans/admirers of Valter's (Cybernetec) in here? Really I'm a Valter (Cybernetec) FAN and I'm his a friend. Because he's an amazing coder and very pretty good a person at vBulletin.org I'm very impressed from Valter vBulletin mods since 2009. If you use vBulletin, then probably you may know Valter from vBulletin.org modification site and what I mean. I suggest, Valter must be a the developer for xenforo mods.

Offical community site: http://www.bihforum.com
Valter's (Cybernetec) Profile : http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/member.php?u=108756
1th coders list (Level 10) : http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showgroups.php?show=coders

And now what do you think for Valter?
Valter's very populer and useful hacks;
-Paypal donate
-Sub forum menager
-Advanced 'New Posts'
-Visitors in Last X Hours
-Advanced Forum Statistics
-Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count

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I'm not a fan as I do not know who he is, but it sounds like I could become one by the mods you listed. They seem impressive. Hopefully he will port some or all of his current mods to XenForo. :)

Luke F

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I use his Chatbox mod - despite not being maintained, it was the first chatbox on vB4 to function the way I want. I'll be writing something pretty similar for XenForo.


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@Peggy - I thought you liked this thread but I don't think it so, I thought this is just "off topic" categorie then sorry for that whatever, I've just asked it in this thread if that make you worry, then you can close this thread.

@Lawrance - Thanks for that. I will hope it. And I'm impressive some coders at vBulletin.org and I will hope they will be nice mods for xenforo but of course, they if can... :)


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He has some pretty nice mods, especially released for free, although some of them tend to have some small issues that don't get updated much. Understandable of course, considering they're released for free, but since you're asking. :)