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Brent W

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BamaStangGuy submitted a new resource:

Whipp Media Essentials - A collection of options to streamline work when you own multiple forums

This is something I created for my own use and figured I would release it here should anyone else run many forums and want to streamline some of the processes that I have found useful for running a forum.

This add-on includes options to easily enable the following:

Infolinks & Infolinks Tags

Among that it also includes the following:

A Company URL field that adds a link to your company website next to the xenForo Copyright

An option to expand on the forum_list title tag...
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Brent W

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Do I still need to integrate that script that infolinks gives you somewhere? Or will it all do it itself?
It will be included. All you need to do is into the ids that the add-on asks for. Note that my add-on only includes the code for guests so you will have to logout to confirm it works.