Which xenforo addons are you recommended to buy?

I need to buy xenforo, Which addons are the must to buy? Which developers are trusted?
Thank you for your advice!

Here is some reviews from other site, just for your reference.

To be fair, he's made good on some of his policies and changed them. That being said, "Trust" - Without that a company could push out exceptional add-ons and customers would not come flocking to purchase. Time will tell if this all settles down and the author can regain that trust back.

I personally stick to the developers I know and trust Like Bob, Chris Deeming, Brogan, Syndol, Luke Foreman and the likes of. They've never gave me a reason to question their add-ons.


He has made some minor changes to his policy, but disabling licenses due to bad reviews, is very unprofessionalindeed
Makes me wonder if there's legal issues surrounding that...somehow.
At the very least, he should refund licenses which he has revoked due to bad reviews.


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What is your forum about?
What features do you think are important for your community?

All sites are different so there isn't a one size fits all approach.