Which program is safest for virtualization, and how can I be safest?


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I'm not sure if VMware or VirtualBox is safer. I'd like to know people's opinions on it. To me, VMware seems safer. However, I'm not sure.

As far as safety goes, I'm trying to test a program which has a RAT attached to it. The RAT isn't very complex, however it does steal account information and files. Which is why I'm using a virtual machine for this as I'd rather not have my information stolen. I already plan to have file sharing/networking off. How else can I ensure the most safety? I know it's impossible to be completely safe. But, I'm sure theres ways to make it safer to test viruses in a VM.

I am running Windows 10, and the VMs I'll be using are all Windows 7. (I will be removing the ISOs completely after use and continuously changing them out.)


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I'm a fan of virtual box, but use both for different things

For testing viruses, I would use a completely different computer that is non networked and no devices attached, if you have one (an old laptop?)

But you can turn network and devices off in both (VM, is quite simple), i would turn off things like shared folders too (which I think is default)

I'm interested, what trojan are you testin, Gh0st RAT?
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