Which features do you offer only to premium memberships?


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I am collecting ideas for our premium membershipgroup.

We need more features, so that users are motivated to buy a 1-year premium membership with extra features, which normal users do not have/ are limited in use.

What do you use and how do you use it?
What kind of addons do you use for premium members?
Which XF-feature do you limit for normal users and give full functionality to premium members etc.?

Any ideas are welcome
This is likely to be very specific to your site, but general ideas include - allowing attachments in PMs, setting up "exclusive" forums for premium members, badges or tags to indicate their 'Premium' status, allowing an open-ended post editing window, allow a larger number of recipients for PMs, etc.

Be careful though that you don't alienate your non-premium membership and drive a wedge between the two groups - and be extra cafeful you don't go easy on the premium group when moderating - that's a sure-fire way to cause a riot!!! ;)
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