Where to Style Popup Menus?


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Does anywhere know where the popup menus from the toolbar are styled? I can't seem to find how to change the border around the blocks in the popups (see screenshot). I seem to have an extra border in there somewhere :) Thanks!


Steve F

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Try adding this to your EXTRA.css template.

#AccountMenu .menuColumns {
    border: none !important;
That should fix the Menu columns, The border under the tab I'm not sure about right now wihtout seeing it first hand.


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Thank you for your help :) That did fix the user links menu, but oddly it didn't fix the other menus (Inbox, Alerts, Members etc). But now at least I know where to start :)

The border under the tab may be unfixable lol :)

If anyone knows where they are styled in the templates or settings, that would be great to know as well :)


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Woot I got it :) Just in case anyone else is having the same problem, it's Style Properties > Popup Menus > Popup Control (open) for the border on the bottom of the tab, then Menu and Menu Links Container to change the borders. I needed to put Qwk86gn's "border: none !important;" code in the Menu Links Container Misc bit. Thanks so much :)