XF 1.3 Where to place DFP ansynchronous code?


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I'm adding tags for ads using DFP for Small Business, and I'm not sure in which template to place the ansynchronous code. I found a thread where a few XF 1.0 users had success putting it in either the Google Analytics template or the page_container_js_head. Does this still work? In the Google Analytics template, someone said it needed to go before the Google Analytics code. So would it go before or after this:

<xen:if is="{$xenOptions.googleAnalyticsWebPropertyId}"><script>

If I use the page_container_js_head template, where would it go there?

Or should I put it somewhere else entirely?

Sorry if this is incredibly stupid and basic. I just have no idea.


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You can add it to either of those templates.

The FAQ in my signature has general guidance on where to add custom js.


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Thank you. So it looks like you're saying I can put it anywhere in the page_container_js_head template? Can or should it be before <script src="{$jQuerySource}"></script>?