XF 2.2 Where link() is produced?


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This is the template code for a category_view in RM.

<xf:pageaction if="$category.canAddResource()">

    <xf:button href="{{ link('resources/categories/add', $category) }}" 
class="button--cta" icon="write">{{ phrase('xfrm_add_resource') }}</xf:button>


Maybe someone tell me, please where the {{ link('resources/categories/add', $category) }} is translated in something like /index.php?resources/categories/example-category.1/add?

xfrm_category_view is used in src\addons\XFRM\Pub\Controller\Category.php, but there is nothing about that link?
From where xf knows that "categories" should be translated with "categories/example-category.1"?
Because i want to know it. :)

Does it comes from the route.xml?

format="categories/:int&lt;resource_category_id,title&gt;/" controller="XFRM:Category"

then i could try something like "resource_date" instead of "resource_category_id" ... ok, i will try it.
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