XF 1.2 Where is the "recent content" page linked from?


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I've got lots of thin content indexed in search engines which I'd like to get rid of by using noindex and nofollow the links pointing to the page.

The problem is, I can't see where these "recent content" pages for each member are linked from. Here's an example on xenforo.com:


Where are the links that would get me to this page, I can't see it on a member profile page (unless I'm just daft!).


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I've had a look at that page, but I can't see the link that would lead me to that page above - however I did spot this in the page source:

            <li id="postings" class="profileContent" data-loadUrl="members/nrep.469/recent-content">
                <span class="JsOnly">Loading...</span>
                <noscript><a href="members/nrep.469/recent-content">View</a></noscript>
Is that the only link to it? Also, where on earth on the page is it clickable? ;)