Where is possible to get fresh Plugin for Google Adsense ?

Hello guys!
I read this Responsive AdSense
and this Responsive AdSense
Responsive AdSense

But this info is old.
Brogan posts are not clear for me - I'm not prof. developer :-(
Sorry Brogan, nothing personal. I'm first time here.

Right now Google Adsense provide ready to use Responsive blocks.

all the same for such plugin - Google AdSense
its's old.

Is it possible to find some plugins with AdSense support:
What's actual plugin for Responsive design banners ?
is it ok ? - Ads Manager by Siropu

But I don't need all type of banners - Adsense Ads only.

I don't want to hardcode forum myself.



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The guide is still relevant.

If you want to use different AdSense code, just substitute it in the guide.
Thanks for suggestion Brogan, but I'm not XenForo developer. :)
is it possible to use ready to use Ads banner rotation system with responsive design support ?
Thanks for confirmation, Brogan.


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You don't need to be a developer, just follow the guide.

Essentially you just create the ad unit and paste the code into the template.