Where Do I Store Custom Style Images?


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I created a new style, but cannot figure out where I'm supposed to place the images(just one) so that it can be packaged and distributed properly.

Any pointers?



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Create your own directory inside of styles.
As Jake mentioned you can either create your own custom folder with that style or, let's say for example the custom image is a gradient then throw it in the gradients folder, if it's a custom icon, I usually put it in /icons. On many occasions when I'm designing custom membercards I'll throw any additional custom images I create in the /overlays folder. It's really your choice, to the extent if it is an additional small image you could always find room within the xenforo-ui-sprite.png spritesheet and add it into that pending there's enough room and/or you are comfortable in re-sizing the canvas to fit that specific image.

It's really your call and there's no rule of thumb where you place it, it's more out of preference.

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I'm just wondering how I package it that way for I want others to have it? I know I can put the image pretty much anywhere, but when I export a style, the image or it's location is not attached to it. What do I need to do to make the theme so that it can be downloaded and installed for others?

Jake Bunce

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Simply create the directory structure when packaging your download. You would have a styles directory.