XF 2.0 Where can I find the additional Emoticons/Smileys?


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My 2.0 install does not contain all the Emoticons/Smileys as seen on XenForo.com. Where do I get these? :cool:


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They should all be present on the sprite sheet in the default style: styles/default/xenforo/smilies/emojione/sprite_sheet_emojione.png

You would have to manually create them.
The easiest way would likely be to set up an online demo and copy the default smiley entries.

Or use the attached xml file.


  • smilies.zip
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Thanks a bunch, Brogan. I now have a complete set, except for the angel, footprints and the monkey, which I will be adding manually. :barefoot::)


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I just read this post, and I went to Styles >> default >> xenforo >> smilies >> emojione, and they seem to be the same as in that file you attached here @Brogan. Is there a place to find more...or, is it a matter of an internet search? And, if I find ones I want to use, is it just a matter of adding the .png images to this same file?
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