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Where can I find dedicated xenForo freelance developers?


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Looking for xenForo Developers to add multiple new mods to our forums. 75+ total mods need to be done making it a long term project.


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It may help if you expand on your original request providing a few more details.


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Thank you. Here is what I need done for people to reference:

- 75+ Related Projects
- Ability to research to find mods, plugins, and research code
- Implementing skins
- Embed forums into website template
- Embed logo into website template
- Add Custom Avatar Thread Logos
- Add Custom Skins
- Integrate Classified Mod
- Integrate Verification System (Third Party)
- Integrate Ecommerce System (Third Party)
- Integrate Escrow System (Third Party)
- Paid Member Add Ons
- Custom New Post Options
- Modify Custom Search Menu
- Modify Forum Layouts Per Forum
- Add Ability to Lock Listings After Specific Date
- Rearrange Forum Order (ASC/DEC)
- Integrate Custom API
- Add Feedback System - + More

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Are you looking to modify 75+websites ?
That's a big project !
Seems like there are 2 very different parts to your needs.
(1) hard core coding changes /addons.
(2) deployment of sites, including requests in (1).

(1) = time consuming, higher risk, expensive.
(2) = relatively easy.

You might want to break up (1) ? It seems like quite a large task ?
Alot of people here could do (2).
I guess (1) is going to be so expensive, whomever does (1) probably could "throw in" (2) for free.

I guess the hardest might be ...
- Integrate Verification System (Third Party)
- Integrate Ecommerce System (Third Party)
- Integrate Escrow System (Third Party)
- Integrate Custom API

Modify Forum Layouts Per Forum (Jaxel is good at that).
Custom Skins / Integration w/ Third Party (Bambua is good at that).

There are lots of good coders here ... but finding a good, reliable, full time Xenforo specialist might be hard.
It might be better to find someone with a proven track record at delivering on this type of project ... and get them to learn how Xenforo works.

Let us know how your search goes !


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More Information
75+ modifications to the standard xenForo software for only one website. The majority of them are small changes which won't require much time. It will be pricey but it has to be done.

Top Time Consuming Projects
- Verification system could be easy to do because it maybe easier for us to manually do this process. Being that vB doesn't have an excellent apps out for this, we'll need to use a third party system for this that is integrated with xenForo. This won't be that difficult to do as all you need to do is allow the system to upgrade the user to a different status as the third party software does the rest.

- Ecommerce system will be difficult.

- Escrow system is similar to the verification system which will need to be done through a third party program.

- Custom API is almost done already, just need a few more things done that we're stuck on.

Everything else is fairly easy to do.

Possible Candidates
I've been looking. There are some candidates but where would I find the list of people on this board as the majority of the people I found are specialized in vB.