XF 1.5 Where are redirects stored when renaming Titles?


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Three-part question:

Users often abbreviate product names, and important keywords that would otherwise help us rank better for our important search phrases. So we have begun an experiment where we fine-tune Title tags immediately after a user creates a new thread. It's something I've never done in 17 years running the site, but I have a sneaking suspicion that once enough of them are indexed in Google, we are going to see a significant spike in traffic compared to before, when we had mostly terrible, short, unclear title tags full of abbreviations.

I have alerts set up so I am able to get in there usually within 15 minutes to make any adjustments if they are needed. But this changes the URL of the thread.

1) Does this mean we are going to ultimately have a massive, complex redirect list running?
2) Where is this information stored?
3) Do you see any issues with having a massive redirect list like this after some time? I think on average we have about 30 new threads a day, so 30x365= 11,000 redirects after a year.

Thank you.