Lack of interest When sizing images in posts please keep proportions dynamically unless stated otherwise

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If I am composing an article and want two images to be 300px high next to each other, I can enter 300px for height and clear the number for width (since it does not auto adjust the width value) and it saves as "auto" for width. This works only on large screens, because when viewing on a phone, the images distort with auto as a value and appear squished. (This was confirmed in support ticket: 69cd89f408 which was passed to devs.)

Maybe a check mark underneath to "☑ Retain proportions."

I can drag the images to close to being exact but the boxes do not display the numbers as you drag so it is a crap shoot as to how high they are as well as if they match exactly, which they never do. If we could see the numbers, or, if XF could please keep proportions when saving one value, it would be beneficial. Thanks!
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I reported this as a bug in my ticket and it was sent to devs so maybe. The funny thing being if you don't let guests see full attachments, they actually see the inline images with correct proportions and as soon as you log in as a member they distort. So they have something coded for the smaller images guests see to constrain proportions and I asked if they could apply that to members, or, the above solutions which I posted as suggestions.
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