When I look between my legs ... I see something hairy [ thread titles ]

Digital Doctor

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I hate misleading titles.

I dedicate this thread to misleading titles.

Please post misleading titles here to encourage people to make better ones.

Digital Doctor

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Misleading Title #1

Something is very wrong.... [source]
- this title meets the thread title abuse because it's mostly hyperbole.
very wrong = vBulletin winning a court case, child pron, war, server died, etc.

This thread deals with a specific problem with Chrome. The title is meant to attract people to view it ... and it's wrong because it works.


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oh gawd, this thread better not go less south...

When I look between my legs I see a hair like substance that grew from the beer I spilled on my pants when winter started. It helps to keep me warm; I'll wash them when spring kicks in.