XF 2.2 When does the XFRM Category Api Controller get used?


I have been working on adding additional filters to the resource list (resource overview) in XFRM. So far, everything is done through XFRM\ConrollerPlugin\Overview and its getResourceFilterInput and applyResourceFilters methods.

But I did note that XFRM\Api\ControllerPlugin\ResourceItem has a method applyResourceListFilters that seems to be a clone of applyResourceFilters. But this method is only called from Api\Controller\Category and Api\Controller\ResourceItems.

In api controller category, it's part of setupResourceFinder used in getResourcesInCategoryPaginated.
And in api controller resourceItems, it's part of setupResourceFinder used in actionGet.

The problem is, I can't seem to invoke these methods no matter what I do on the client side. I've tried filtering resources while in a specific category, changing filters while navigating to different categories, etc. But I can't seem to find where this getResourcesInCategoryPaginated is actually used, nor the actionGet for resourceItems - not sure what that is either.

I could just make applyResourceListFilters a clone of applyResourceFilters, but before I do that I'd really like to know how and why that method is being used, especially for testing.
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