What's your favourite XenForo feature


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We hear so much negativity about XenForo nowadays for one reason or another on this forum, that I thought I'd create a happy thread about XenForo where we can appreciate the good things about it.

This software (currently v2.2.13) has a lot of great features in it that we rapidly get used to and take for granted. What's your favourite or favourites?

Mine are the sort function when creating nodes which makes arranging them so much more convenient. The share post functionality is another as it's so slick and convenient and finally, general operational smoothness.
Mine is basically the API in XenForo. It resolved many issues of mine + it is stable even when I have many add-ons it never gave error when creating 3k+ forum and categories within a minute.

Its like, it created a hell of opportunities. This one feature can be used to make forum and SEO better.
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Easy to customize themes, great addons and SEO, simplicity and optimization of the forum software itself.
I can't imagine a forum without this feature:

When I visit other forums and the text selection-based quoting feature is missing (just a small example), it feels like a fundamental part of user interaction is lacking.

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I don't know about you all, but I absolutely love it.

These improvements and innovations are what make a forum more engaging than others.
Everything - I've not come across a better software for stability and it, along with some 3rd party addons, does everything I want.
Although I'm not sure it would be considered a "feature", my favorite thing about XF is its customizability and ease of use for developing. I'm no professional developer but I've still been able to get done just about everything I want without having to hire a professional.

I also think one of the better parts of XF is this community. Things I haven't been able to figure out how to do, I've mostly gotten help from someone here who was willing to offer assistance and explanation.


Didn't even know about this...what the heck did I just do to my forum? :ROFLMAO::eek:
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