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What's the reason asking for date of birth?


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Hi, I'd like to get some ideas from you guys about it. As I'd like to make a note about the reason under the 'Date of Birth' field - make users feel a little less offensive.


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BTW, if you want to make it optional and add a note, you can edit the register_form template.

Find this:
<xen:if is="{$dobRequired}"><p class="explain">{xen:phrase your_date_of_birth_is_required}</p></xen:if>
Replace it with this:
<xen:if is="{$dobRequired}"><p class="explain">{xen:phrase your_date_of_birth_is_required}</p><xen:else /><p class="explain">{xen:phrase your_phrase}</p></xen:if>
Replace the your_phrase text with your own phrase name and then create the phrase with the text you want.


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I thought it was for COPPA, which required people that sign up to be at least 13 years of age, unless they had guardian permission. I find more and more registration forms are just ditching that requirement, I guess people don't really care about it anymore...?


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Wow. You guys are so fast! Thanks so much everyone!(y)

Brogan, thanks a lot for the template edits code, it'll be very helpful!

I am wondering what the main reason it is for Xenforo.com having the 'Date of Birth' field required?