whats the name of the alert popup template?


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hey folks, i was just wondering which template file i edit to change the color of the popup box that appears on the bottom left corner of my website when i have a new alert. the theme im using is a dark theme, and the popup is white, so id like to change it to black to match the rest of the site, but im not sure what file to edit. thanks!

Jake Bunce

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Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> xenforo_overlay.css

This is the relevant CSS:

	position: fixed;
	bottom: 70px;
	left: 35px;
	z-index: 9999; /* in front of the expose mask */

	#StackAlerts .stackAlert
		position: relative;
		width: 270px;
		border: 1px solid @primaryLight;
		border-radius: 5px;
		box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px 0 rgba(0,0,0, 0.4);
		margin-top: 5px;

		#StackAlerts .stackAlertContent
			padding: 10px;
			padding-right: 30px;
			border-radius: 4px;
			border: solid 2px @primaryLighterStill;
			background: {xen:helper rgba, @primaryLightest, 0.9};
			font-size: 11px;
			font-weight: bold;
You can edit it directly or duplicate the definition in EXTRA.css to override.