What's the best way to find a quality style developer?

Joe Link

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I'm looking to have custom styles developed for three of my forums. One of these is the forum for my business and it is fairly large (33,000 members). Because of this, I'd prefer to work with an actual company which carries insurance, can provide references, etc. rather than a person who could simply disappear, should something go wrong.

Is there a directory somewhere of businesses which specialize in XenForo development? Any other best practices I should know about before hiring someone for these projects?

Ernest L. Defoe

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I can attest to @Russ for custom themes as I bought one from him for a site I used to have. He is amazing. @Audentio makes some really awesome pre made themes and @Sheldon does do a fantastic job of customizing pre made themes. He just customized Antiquark for me and it's absolutely amazing what all he did to it. If you want to see what Sheldon can do just click on the link in my signature.