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Forgive me if my searching skills are not great and I have missed a thread somewhere that answers this question.

When you click on "What's New" you get a list of all the unread threads that have been created/responded to. I know the threads that you have posted in have a little icon on the corner of the starts Avatar telling you how many posts you have in that thread.

Is there a way to place an item on the menu that will only list all the threads that you have a post in and not necessarily watching it?

Many thanks
Have you tried "Your Content"?

Hover over your username in the top navigation bar (right hand side) and select Your Content - this shows everything you've posted, and ergo, all the threads you've participated in.

It doesn't list them as threads though, so may not be what you're looking for?

Shaun :D
Many thanks Jake, will these be highlighted if they have replies or just standard search results? Also how would it be possible to create that as a link in the menu that would work for any member? Many thanks
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