What's new in the official add-ons (2.0)


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sounds awesome. I noticed in other versions you have kind of done some of the social media sites for bbcode media sites. Have you considered pre doing twitter as my members on both of my forums want to see tweets without having to log on to twitter?


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It's great to see some of the new features explained - much of this isn't immediately obvious, but I'm sure it's all going to be a great help for our members once they start using them. :)


sensible updates,may not be huge but on-point just like the dna of Xen.

we first check if the uploaded audio file is encoded in a supported format (MP3, naturally)
nowadays, apple's m4a is also very much digitally-natural to be supported here sometime soon.

also curious if XFMG having some sort of auto image resizing/compression at upload time to keep images above 2 MB in limits without rejection/failure in uploading, as with increasing megapixels size shoots up too on phones.

Gene Steinberg

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This is probably not something that you can do, but it applies for my business. Is there any way to allow Resource Manager to recognize GeoTagging? This allows us to offer content, but restrict areas where the content is being blocked due to local contracts.

So we have the opportunity to offer the video of a TV show to our premium members, but the producer cannot do it if it's not GeoTagged to prevent it from being seen/downloaded by members in certain locations. Does this make sense?


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We've also made sure that all of this can be used on touch devices too!
Thanks, guys! (y) I ran into this one while trying to crop an image on my touchscreen Dell XPS and with the 1.x version I got an error message saying that it can't be done on touch devices (even though I was on a laptop with a touch pad :cautious:) so it's nice to see that it's handled already.