Whats a good wordpress plugin to pull+post+pic xenforo threads?


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Anyone have any recommendations on a good Wordpress plugin that can pull even images or avatar of poster and a certain amount of text content with link back to xenforo forum?


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I don't know of one that is published but it is completely possible as I have made something independent of xenforo (but meant to be used for it) that gets the next sequential post board-wide and displays it, the content , the avatar and links in a sliding element that slides into view a user scrolls down to the end of the post content on any forum page.

The avatars are not included in this video as this was an early mockup of the final but you can see what I am saying
It will also display any image as well at this point so I am sure you can get this done in some way to fit your needs as far as the way you want the data displayed.

I am sure you can find someone to get you something that gets the data in a similar fashion for use inside of wp.