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What work / task management tools do you use?


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Sometimes I feel I need to get my life organized and so yesterday I was googling for tools that will help me organize my work. Evernote and Trello seems to help a lot of people. Are there any that you recommend? How do use them?
I like Evernote. I use onenote and google calender to get my self on track. Mainly Google because I use it on my desktop and my cell phone so it just makes it easy to use it across all devices.


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Thanks for the input. I haven't started testing any tools out. I have been using Google Keep and Google calender for a few months now. I don't really have a like structure to how I manage tasks. Just write something down and put in a reminder rarely. Mostly they happen in the head which is why I forget to do a lot of things. Just like you said, I too use Keep and Calender only because I can access them on my phone and laptop and its the same login across these programs.

The other day I was watching a video from David Allen about capturing everything, writing them down somewhere and then organising them into reminders. Haven't tried that method out yet but it looks interesting.


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Anyone using Trello or Slack? How are they?
I use both, although I use Trello for personal projects (my workplace prefers Pivotal Tracker, which I find a little heavy for my tastes). Trello is excellent for organisation and planning, just so long as you don't need powerful Agile capabilities (velocity calculation, etcetera)

As for Slack, it's regarded as "the new IRC" - and as a private team chat, it is really excellent. But it's of very little use if you only have one person :)
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