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XF 1.1 What to replace to change Youtube or Video tags


Active member
Hello peeps !

I'd like to replace my old PhpBB Youtube tags and don't know where to start.

I've installed the (very nice) Post Content Find/Replace tool found here : http://xenforo.com/community/threads/post-content-find-replace.6548/

I've tried to reply in the thread but it seems to be archived and can't reply.

I need some help on what to put on those find and replace forms.

At the moment my code look like this :

What should I fill in ?

Thanks for the help in advance and sorry if that is a dumb question but this is beyond my knowledge ;)

Happy Xenforo User !


Well-known member
So your current code is wrapped with YouTube tags, and you need it to be replaced with media=youtube.

Give me 10 minutes to get to my laptop.


Active member
yeah current code after the phpBB import is

And I only needs this to make it work in Xenforo right ?



Active member
Can I ask for help again ? :oops:

I have some tags that were appearing like this :

What should I put in the different fields ?

Thanks a lot in advance (y)


Active member
got it, thank you!

Rather than asking repeated questions, I also need to replace vb4 vbseo thread links . Is there a thread with this going on? I've done a search but having found what I need so far.