What to do? Website name problem :(


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Okay, so I had a good idea for a website,but....

xxxxxxforum.com is taken (not in use)
xxxxxxforums.com is taken (not in use)

both are privately owned also, so I can't reach the owners to buy from them either.

Should I go for something like...

Someone please help. I know having forum or forums in the domain helps a lot!


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Why have to be .com?
there are now some nice new TLD's that will give you the possibility to have a nice name. look my signature :whistle:
more short? sure...:whistle: http://oro.io/
in fact, some of the new TLD's are very popular now. come to the new club :sneaky:


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No offence but I'd personally avoid '.io' - it means absolutely nothing and is being used as a 'buzz term'.

Go with one of the actual relevant extensions if you don't go with .com, don't pick a random meaningless extension.

For example, is xxxxxx.talk available? How about xxxxxx.community?


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No offence but I'd personally avoid '.io' - it means absolutely nothing and is being used as a 'buzz term'.
Go with one of the actual relevant extensions if you don't go with .com, don't pick a random meaningless extension.
Domains .io:
.io is the Internetcountry codetop-level domain (ccTLD) for the British Indian Ocean Territory.[1]
Google currently treats .io as a generic top-level domain (gTLD) because "users and webmasters frequently see [the domain] more generic than country-targeted".
.IO has become one of hottest domain name extensions for startups. This is a little peculiar, since .IO has existed since 1997 and was originally assigned as the ccTLD for British Indian Ocean Territory. So, why are startups turning to .IO?
With .IO, startups can get short and memorable names, because .IO has great availability. A .IO domain name can be a better option than coming up with a long and confusing domain name that uses a more established extension (or buying expensive premium domains). To put it simply, .IO’s are an easy way to get a great domain for a great price, and .IO has a handful of other defining benefits.
The Benefits of Using a .IO:
It’s a unique extension compared to generic TLDs, which can help a startup stand out from a marketing perspective.
It’s shorter than three-letter gTLDs, while being different, which makes it easy to remember.
It’s just starting to become popular, which means it’s pretty likely you’ll get the name you want.
In the tech and software development world, I/O means input/output, so .IO is particularly relevant to that audience.
You can create cool domain hacks with .IO, like scenar.IO or pistach.IO.
Working with a .IO also became easier than ever this year, which contributed to the spike in adoption rate. The .IO registry, nic.io, switched its back-end to allow faster domain transfers and modifications. Nic.io now uses a standardized authorization code procedure that’s the same as .COM, .NET, and .ORG.
Do you have an idea that you’re ready to get online? Consider registering a .IO—it’s perfect for startups.
The .io domain had become popular over the past years among startup companies, especially in tech, design and social categories. What is it so interesting about this TLD? And why is it so popular? Let’s try to find out.
.io comes from Indian Ocean, an island SW of India with a population of aprx. 4000.
The domain is administrated by a British company. The first .io (yahoo.io) was registered in ’98 a year after it was introduced. Nobody knows exactly how many of these TLD’s have been registered, the registrar did not reveal this number, yet.
The domain is unrestricted, it can be registered both by people and organizations for 1 to 10 years. In comparison to gTLD’s the price of registering is higher – at the time of writing it ranges between 30$-100$ per year.
What are the advantages?
It’s short and extremely easy to type, “I” and “O” are right next to each other on qwerty keyboards, also “I”, “O”, and “.” are on the right side.
In geek language it makes sense: Input/Output. But it also can stand for: In/Out, Inside/Outside, Internet Organization, Information Online, International Organization etc.
You can create awesome domain hacks with: studio, scenario, portfolio, radio, bio etc.
Because it’s a newly discovered domain and because it’s relatively expensive, there are way more names available in comparison to the giant .com. Note that a premium .com is insanely expensive nowadays and for startups money is a problem.

Google treats it as a generic TLD, meaning that it will consider your website global, exactly like .com, .net, etc. There was a rumor that exotic TLDs rank higher in Google and this absolutely not true, it was spread around by some scammy registrars.
According to the official site, nic.io they have lot’s of servers all around the world so the DNS lockup is very quick.