XF 2.1 What to change Homepage link but to keep all other links intact


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Hi everyone,
I want to change my forum homepage link from ex: techpedia.com to techpedia.com/forums (by permanent redirection means opening techpedia.com will open techpedia.com/forums) , but i want to keep all other new & old links ( links for existing threads stuffs of resource manager) unchanged/intact to prevent link errors .

How to do that ?


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Have you got a file called web.config in your website root?

If so add the following line:

        <httpRedirect enabled="true" destination="https://www.YOURDOMAIN/forums" childOnly="true" />

It will redirect any requests to your domain to the forum index page whilst not affecting other directories within the root.
Links to files directly within the root such as yourdomain/yourfile.htm will however be broken.