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What sort of instant messenger now-a-days?


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What sort of chat are folks using now-a-days? Sticking to like facebook/tweets, or kicking it old school with irc/aim, or msn?

Curious what's in haha :) I myself sign onto MSN occasionally but that's about it.


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I've been utilizing a little app call Digsby.


I made the mistake of using various IM platforms and having friends on each one that I still keep in contact with. Digsby works well for managing all of that from one application.


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Hmm, going to check out trillian again, I remember using it soo long ago but it seemed far to bulky and glitchy :) new screenshots look nice.

Also forgot until Dark said it, steam is a primary one


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I recently re-installed Trillian, after ditching MSN's latest bloatware. I'm tempted to go Pro again, but time will tell.

I haven't signed into AIM for some time, so I can't imagine I'm missed too much on that protocol.


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I used to be a Yahoo IM gal, but left that behind when Kier turned me on to Skype. So, when/if I remember to turn it on, it's Skype.
My twitter app is on all the time.