XF 1.5 What should files and directory permissions be set to?


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I have a new forum I am trying to configure. We have it hosted on the Digital Ocean cloud. Some images are showing as broken images (logo, etc.) and I think this is probably a permissions thing.

What permissions do I set the directories to?
What permissions do I set the files to?

In order for the installation to work but be secure...?


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In general files and directories should be 0644 and 0755 respectively.

The /data and /internal_data directories should be:
0666/0777 if PHP runs as "nobody" (the web server user)
0644/0755 if it runs as "your" user (suPHP for example)

Note that 0644/0755 only works if PHP is running as the user that owns the file (generally with cpanel setups).