What macOS apps can't you live without?

The Dark Wizard

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Hi all,

I just wanted to get an idea of what kind of apps people can't live without on macOS. I'm trying to reintegrate myself again with this OS.

Three that I'me enjoying so far.
  • Bear
  • Mindnode
  • 1password
1password is not exclusive to macOS but my gosh, it is so much better than the windows version.

I was hoping some of the people who have used macs for a long time like @Chris D could jump in and tell us what they use.


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Most of it is the regular stuff, I just find it works better on macOS. It really depends on what you're doing. I spend a lot of time in the JetBrains' IDEs and Terminal, for example.

Outside of anything programming related I use Superhuman a fair bit, Google Drive's File Stream, Dozer is cool if you have a lot of menu items. Reminders a fair bit (or Things 3 if you want to spend £40 on an app).

Biggest one, by far, is Alfred 4 though. I use Alfred a ton. Once you get used to it, it's such a boon.


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CaptoFor screen capture, short videos for tutorials etc.
News ExplorerTo me the best RSS reader. Synchronizes with iOS app via iCloud
Visual Studio CodeCode editor
ForkLiftBest FTP client to me
TrelloYou know Trello. Boards, card, organizing, projects... Useful
BitwardenThe best ever password manager. Running it on my NAS.
RocketChatSometimes you need to chat.
iMazingIt really is amazing. Backups my iPhone directly to NAS.
Synology Drive...
Synology Note Station...
MS Office...
ColorSlurpColor picker
Firefox, Brave, Chrome browserFor testing only. My main browser is Safari. Ok, sometimes I use Firefox.
PhotoshopYou know PS.

Otherwise I try to stick to default mac apps if possible.