What license should I use?


I've just finished my WordPress Users to XenForo importer plugin and I need help figuring out what license I should release the plugin under.

Since I used much of the built-in importers as a guide and in some cases the same functions am I allowed to release it as open source? I learned a ton about XenForo during the writing of this plugin and want to make sure to give credit where it is due but am hoping that the extensive commenting I've provided will help others.
I'd have to just chirp in and say GPL if anything.

Why are you wanting to license it? I've never bothered licensing anything I create really, if it's just a public release I don't care who uses it!

Then again, I've never created anything major, so what do I know.
Doubt there'd be any issue with open sourcing it. Not sure what license would be most appropriate, though.
Well I want anyone to be able to use it for any means what so ever but there are pieces taken from XenForo which has a copyright to it. I just want to make sure thing are above the board.

Oh and I'd like to be able to put the code up on github too so I need to make sure that is ok as well.
There have been XF addons on Github in the past, I don't think this would be any different. While XenForo code is proprietary, the architecture is designed how it is so that third-party importers (among other things) can be created and shared.

If you wrote the code, even if it's 'based' on an existing importer, I doubt anybody could write it in a completely different manner because that's the whole point of having a modular framework. If you wrote the code, it is yours.

Many sell addons right here in this community and they all use parts of the XF framework.
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