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What is validAttachment in template?


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Hello, could you tell me what is $validAttachment in template bb_code_tag_attach?

I use full images in attachments, eg:
Sometimes I have strange erros in posts and (after edit post) instead of image I have "View attachment.." link (view_attachment_x).

I have set permission to view attachments, but I don't know why sometimes there is:
    <a href="{xen:link full:attachments, $attachment}" target="_blank">{xen:phrase view_attachment_x, 'name={$attachment.attachment_id}'}</a>
sometimes properly:
    <img src="{xen:link full:attachments, $attachment}" alt="{$attachment.filename}" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" />
Here is example: https://forum.gsmx.pl/tematy/wprost-tygodnik.39595/#post-228837

If I save the photo from the attachment and upload it again, it displays correctly.
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