XF 1.1 What is the recommended way to install PostRelease Script


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My client requested that PostRelease's script be installed on one of their sites. The recommended location for the PostRelease script is right before the closing HEAD tag.

What is the best way to incorporate this script into XenForo in a way that will not be overwritten in the future?

Also, PostRelease requires that a template page be created with no content between the HTML tags. What is the recommended way to do this? Is it using the Page feature?

Thank you!

Brent W

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The javascript from step 1 would be added to this template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> page_container_js_head

But I am confused by step 2. It's not clear to me.
If you have access to a vBulletin installation, they have a vBulletin product. Could see how they do it with that product and maybe understand it better.

I just don't know where I would put the html they need within xenForo.