What is the correct method to disable all animation/transitions in Xenforo?


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As the title states, I'd really like to disable the xenOverlay transition/animation, member card animation, inline thread moderation drop-down animation, etc.

Which JS files should I be hitting? Is there variables somewhere so I can just set all animations to "0" milliseconds globally?

Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Interesting. Why ?
I like them.
They've been copied by IPB and vB5.
For speed ?
Yes, speed is king. The animations are not of any real benefit.

On tablets and mobile devices in particular, the transitions are far more gimmicky than useful. It actually makes it feel less responsive. They also run slowly because they're not triggering hardware acceleration on these devices (and it's too much work to implement hardware accel cleanly).

I just haven't been able to find somewhere to globally set the transition speed, or completely disable them.
Thanks! I was able to set the overlay speed to "0" from there. Now I just need to find where all of the other animations are specified.

Most of the settings in style-options don't apply to us, because the sass/css was re-written and is completely detached from Xenforo.
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