What is the Best Anti-Spam addon?


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I am looking for the best spam prevention addon out there atm. (Free or paid)

These are the ones I found so far:

1) FoolBotHoneyPot Bot Killer: Spam Combat
2) sonnb - Stop Spam Here
3) TAC(Tenants Anti-Spam Collection) - Anti-Spam Complete Collection

Are there any better ones? If not what of the three best helps fight against spam registrations and such?
Looking for opinions as I am really in need of one.
The first one you mentioned there seems to be the one I've seen recommended the most.


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see all questions and answers and captchas bot passes for some reason. I need a solid addon to stop them :p
I have had my registration on manual approval for some time because I get about 30+ bots signing up a day.