What is Proxy links and Proxy images?


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I haven't been able to figure out exactly what Proxy links and Proxy images settings do and why I'd want to use them. I also see these topics a lot with SSL talk.
Those are explained by Kier in the HYS video here. The relevant part starts around the 2:30 mark.

They're intended to help suppress insecure content messages when users post picture URLs and links to sites that don't use SSL. But, they're also handy for tracking outbound links and what pictures are posted on the forum and how many times each has been viewed.

Speaking as someone who runs XF on SSL and previously had to deal with insecure content messages, those are my very favorite XF features. Just a wonderful addition to the core.
Remote images are copied to your site. Local images can potentially be loaded faster and if the remote image is no longer valid, you have a local copy of it.
Does the default settings in the latest 1.4 build of: image proxy ticked; and "0" days, mean that hot linked images from other sites get saved on the server? This is what I'd like to happen on my sites due to the X image syndrome.
Regarding attachment space, I have over 350K of attachments many large images and disk space is at 40GB at the moment. Point is disk space is not a very big concern at all.

@AndyB What's the relationship between Proxy links and Proxy images and your add-on 'Convert Image'?

that addon converts any image embedded from third party server (like imgur for example) and turn it into an attachment. proxy caches file temporarily. this addon would basically make a permanent copy available as an attachment.
Thanks for clarifying that!

Regarding the IP leaking issue I've learned from the old posts, the add-on has been updated to be able to use the $config['http']['proxy'] in config.php to hide ip.

Does that mean it WILL really leak IP without that $config['http']['proxy'] added? What's this code for? Do I need to use or set up a proxy server for that?

I'm using cloudflare to hide my server.
i haven't tried the proxy option yet. from my understanding, for example... you embed an image from imgur.com. when your server fetches the image for local proxy cache, imgur servers would get the hit from your server ip. proxy routes that information through another server so proxy server ip is revealed(?). i am not sure if websites running behind cloudflare also need to run proxy to prevent leaking ip address for proxying links and images... someone else might be able to answer this better.

basically from my understanding, your server ip is still pretty hidden. unless someone uploads an image from their own server on your forum. i imagine it's possible.

ps. this post could be completely inaccurate!
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