what forum software customer are you?


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Vbulletin ...Oh well i Lost hope of Using Vbulletin after 4.0 Releases . In Mean time waiting for future xenforo Gold Release will jump and get License for it .


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I was actually a phpBB lifer for awhile it seemed... it was just easy to use, simple to skin and I never had any problems with it. I switched to vBulletin back in the march of this year and didn't have really any problems with it except for the UI lacking friendliness in my eyes.


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I am using vB besides xenforo but I am a tech admin on more than a dozen forums running on various softwares like MyBB, IPB, Smf and WoltLab.

steven s

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Matts WWWBoard - UBB years ago until it was hacked and I gave up.
Then phpBB2 --> vB3.0.3 (July 04) --> vB3.8


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vB 3.8.x (the real vB)
vB 4.0.x (wannabe vB)
phpBB3 (small private group of 5 people, didn't want to spend $$ for that)


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Currently playing with WordPress as a replacement CMS bridged to xF, but I need a decent calendar before I can move over. :(


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I'm sticking with IPB for my main site (phpBB -> vB3 -> IPB3.1.2) - but have bought a new domain this weekend to use for xenForo.

Shaun :D