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What font size attribute does the xenForo development team use? px , pt, em, or %


Well-known member
just for curiosity, what font size attribute the xenForo development team use? px , pt, em, or %

Do xenForo developers use the % in the body and then em for the rest?
Even thought each case is different, what is the default for developing a site?



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From what I see the attributes are mixed mostly together. It would be better to have them all in a relative attribute so that you can enlarge all font size with a simple css statement or javascript.


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Predominately PX, with some % for line heights, from what I can see.

I had just gotten used to using ems with IPB when I moved over, not sure why the guys don't use em here, must be a reason though :)

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
Yes I noticed the use of px as well, which I thought was going to be a thing of the past for line height and font size. Everywhere else, mainly, I think px (and often %) is the best unit. Not that it is a huge deal I suppose.