What does your forum do behind closed doors ?

Being relatively new to forums I am curios as to what you guys do behind closed doors so that we can learn from experienced from forum admin and mods alike.

So far we have set up a "trash" forum and have limited permissions to delete threads so that all deleted/moved content can be reviewed by admin in the trash forum, which can be restored if admin feel's a delete/move thread was incorrect.

Also we have set up an emails forum for staff with prefixes that manually logs all sent, received and action taken prefixes for reference purposes, Because not all staff have access to our emails.

Then we have a staff room where staff can talk to each other and the admin which also serves as a site Manual, Information, to do list, requests and general policies and information for moderators.

We are also considering a "work forum" so that mods can use this as a sort of working directory for merging threads and posts before moving to the correct forum, Still contemplating but have had some requests.

If you do things differently due to experience then we are all ears.


steven s

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New record. O/T by post 2. :)

We have one hidden forum for moderators.
It gets very little use since we are fortunate that we don't need much moderation.

Adam Howard

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This is view-able only for our registered members. Simply because I use to get a troll (competitor) who abused this one and so now we keep it out of guest view.

Pandora's Box

That is the name of the forum where staff talks, where "contact us" post end up, when someone gets a warning a copy of the notice is posted there so that all the staff is in the loop, where junk sometimes goes, and useful information for trusted staff members (notices, contact info).


Which is a sub-forum in Pandora's Box; is random administrator notes. Kind of like our "Open Source" forum, but with the more sensitive information.

Those are the only 3 forums with special permissions.... Everything else is public and readable for everyone.


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I demoted most of my mods for rarely signing in except for one or two who also rarely sign in.

In other words, there's no discussions in the mod forum.


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I often have a forum called "Mike Test" that allows access only to myself. Anything that's under development (e.g. Javascript or PHP code) is usually tested in a daughter forum or page. On one site where I don't allow naughty pics but occasionally get some X-rated contributions, that's where they're moved. I'd hate to lose the good pervy stuff. :D

On one site I have a "Founders Forum" -- people who were with us in week one before the site was announced, and a very few selected other good contributors.

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That sounds like a "skin" business to me. :)

mike os

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we have an admin forum, mod forum, mentor forum, and a couple of others for behind the scene stuff we also have a dev area for stuff that is being worked on by several people ( mods & admins)

in reality most gets discussed by PM's..... we even use an archaic method called talking sometimes, only stuff that requires a wider interaction makes it to the hidden forums

deleted stuff goes into the bin,

we generally prefer lager to other beverages....& trust me if our lot start getting their kit off run for your life

Adam Howard

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What functionality/add-on are you using to achieve these 2 outcomes?
Create Thread on Warning 1.2
ragtek Contact Thread 2.0.0 Beta1

Both of them have been discontinued by ragtek (sorry) and I do not have the authority to share them (they are not mine to re-release)


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We have a trash talk forum and an admin forum :)
Both haven't seen much use recently. Admin forum got a bit since our forum anniversary is coming up :)


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I'm now the only administrator on my site, after putting the other ones back down to Mods as they never actually did any "admin" work. So the admin only section is where I keep all my own notes on what I've done, useful bits of information I may need to look back on at a later date.

There is also a mod discussion forum, which we used to use as a trash can for moving duplicate or spam posts, but now we just remove from public view, so that's not really used any more either.