What does it cost to have a design made?


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I've been thinking about getting a new design for my forum. I can easily do CSS, HTML and a little JS, but graphics is not the thing I'm best at.
I need a Minecraft based style, and a lot of graphics have to be made (background, navigation, bredcrumbs, node info, etc.).

What would it cost to have a designer/styler (or whatever it's called) do all of this?

A style with a Minecraft background is not enough.

Thanks in advance!


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Would depend on the designer, the amount of graphics, and how much customization, and add in adaptation is required.

Not all designers have the same set prices for specific work. Would be best to contact each designer individually.

Ernest L. Defoe

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Two that I recommend are @Russ and @Mike Creuzer as they produce some really awesome themes. I have worked with @Russ on a custom theme in the past and the price was really good for a complete custom theme and the amount of time that went into tweaking and fine tuning it.

New Joe

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+1 for @Russ I didn't use him but we spoke a little about a custom skin and it was a good price he quoted me.
A lot of members will say the same...