XF 2.2 What can you do with Resources Tab?


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Just wondering if people can give examples of how they use their resources tab. I've uploaded a few resources to mine but it's not very visual - more text with links. I also saw some people have a tutorials tab. Is that an add on and where can I get it please? Forum is slowly coming together!

I was imagining a kind of page opening with page sized documents on with pictures and text - as opposed to just nodes with text.
Yes I realise forums have different topics but they will be linking resources in the resources tab. The way its set up is to type a description and add a url which opens another page. I assume that's all resources can do. Which is why I was asking about the tutorials tab. I've seen one site where clicking on tutorials opens a full page of "pages" to click on - more visual.
The obvious example is the Resources area on here where various resources for Xenforo admins from tutorials to add-ons are posted by their authors/developers.
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