What browsers do you support?


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Im developing a site for a local group and testing it in IE9/ FF11 and the latest Google Chrome it looks and runs perfectly.

When I went to show them, unfortunatly they only had two PC's, one with IE7 and the other with IE8.

Xenporta didnt display correctly in IE7/IE8 and Xenmedio dosent work in IE7/IE8.

I have posted in the relevant threads but not received any feedback, so was wondering - Is it unprofessional or too early to put a notice on the site up saying that anyone using IE7/IE8 is using an outdated browser and will not benefit from the full features of the site?

What browsers do you activly support and when do you decide to call it a day?

Adam Howard

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Google Chrome
Opera Browser
Apple Safair

I'll make a "good effort" to support Microsoft Internet Explorer, but officially I don't support it. When people ask me why, I tell them that Microsoft refuses to keep to universal standard. To which I follow-up with this question to them; If something works flawlessly in 5 browsers, but 1 browser is giving you trouble, which is most likely the issue?

That argument from an end users point of view has never lost. As a result IE is ranked last on my website... ie... Almost no one on my site uses it (according to Google Analytics)

Funny thing is... Traffic is up and so is our SEO rating.


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IE 8 - everything should work and the layout shouldn't be horribly broken, but will look worse than in a modern browser. People who complain will get the usual "install a decent browser" reply.

IE 7 - functionality check. Scripts should work (that's actually surprisingly easy when using a framework like jQuery). Layout will most likely have some defects (even major ones), still usable though. In a few words: looks like cr*p, but you can still see and click the ads :)

IE 6 - go away, nothing to see here.

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9+ - everything looks and works fine, but that's the easy part anyway.

Adam Howard

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Just for laughs and because it has been in the tech news now that Microsoft has bought the rights to Netscape.


Surprisingly my site and here too, works.


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I support IE 5.5

No wait, that was after I went outside and hit myself over the head with a plank of wood. :D
Whilst out I found some magic rocks which I plan to sell to MS.

IE7 - yeah but nasty
IE8 - stable, usable within Win XP SP3
IE9 - sigh (FF4 blew it to pieces yonks ago)
Chrome - pasting...*shudders*

FF - for me, yep good.
Safari - same as ^


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Thanks all.

Does anyone happen to know the link for the template modification on here which displays a banner at the top of the forum advising the viewer to upgrade if they are using an old browser?

I saw it once and cant for the love of me find it for a second time!