What beer is in your frig?

Robert F Schmitz

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I have a thread like this on my forum as I am sure many others do but after talking to steven s for a bit, I decided to start one here.

What sort of beers do you enjoy and recommend?

We were discussing Gouden Carolus, a Belgian brewed once a year on the 24th of February as well as Chimay.


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Finally a decent thread kicked off today.

Absolutely love Chimay, but you need to take out a second mortgage to pay for it down under :(

Currently have some Melbourne Bitter stubbies :)

steven s

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Let's see. My wife likes Negra Modelo. So we have a few in there.
I have Harpoon Oktoberfest, Samichlaus, Chimay Red, Chimay Blue.
That was as deep as I went.


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I WISH! I have no beer currently, sadly. If I did, it would be Stella Artois for me, and James likes Hoegarden or Duvel, but we don't have that often because we'd have to second mortgage the house if we did. :)~
I don't really keep beer in the fridge (seeing as how I've only been 21 for about a week and a half). However if I were to have some, it'd have to be Woodchuck Amber. It's technically hard cider, but I can taste the beer in it.


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I don't drink beer....Vodka, whiskey, Irish spirits, rum (my fav!...whys the rum always gone :'( ) is what I drink. The little beer that I do drink would be placed outside, since it's cold enough to keep it at a good temp. That would Miller Genuine Draft or Bud light Lime.
Had not drink a beer since 1993... Alcohol seems to kill the joy of tasting the beverage. I did have great times getting hammered thou.... Well, until I had experience one of those blackout episodes and I stop drinking right after that.

Miss some of the fun that came with it (not only the over drinking)...


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Budweiser & Corona & Lime here in sunny Florida! That is, unless I'm indulging in my infamous Patrone Silver. (tequila) ;)

...is it Friday yet ..?? LOL! :D

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, ...FLOOR!


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Never new that companies produce beer like wine... Do those beverage(s) taste any better or are they full of fiber.. (non-sifted)
I hope this excerpt from the book, "The natural Testosterone Plan", can put some light into BEER BULLCRAP that is being cultivated in men's mind by corporations. [some of the sentences were modified by me to make it concise]:

"Hops is perhaps one of the most powerfully estrogenic plants on Earth. Most of the estrogen in it is very potent estrogen estradiol. Hops is best known for its use in beer. Estradiol causes direct lowering of testosterone levels in the testes and an increase in SHBG levels, which then binds up even more free testosterone in the bloodstream. Beer used to NOT contain hops. "Protestants vs The Catholic Church" thing destroyed original beer. Beer, so highly touted as sexy in tv commercials, in actuality can powerfully inhibit sexual strength in men (e.g.Brewer's Droop)"