What Are Some Web Cam Sites You Can Go Private In?


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I was trying to teach a friend how to do something but he doesn't have skype or Facetime.

I think Tinychat might be too blurry. What are some private one-on-one cam sites?

I should be able to screen-share. That's a must-have.


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just use teamviewer...you can change there the video direction...normal is that you see the screen from the partner but is changeable
working this wise with all customers


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Okay - I was getting ready to suggest a site that um.... "What an odd way to phrase a thread title," screamed the freak in me. "Holy God what is this site turning to...?"



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lmaooo @ all the responses. Ya'll are so bad. I'm just going to re-install Arrowchat. I had uninstalled it cause it was getting on my damn nerves with the constant updates and bugs. Guess I'll need it once again. I would rather use something free though. I feel like if I'm going to pay for something, at least work right geez.